Sunday, May 24, 2015

Retreat (update #1)

Update from February:
The last week in February workers from around the rez gathered in Prescott for a retreat. We were very blessed to have Dale Goodson (from AFM) there to conduct the meetings, and learned a lot. We only wish we'd learned a lot of it sooner! Now we are seeking to find ways to implement it and keep the fire going.

One of many activities

Teaching from The Word

Small group discussion

We spent considerable time going back to The Word

(For those who don't know, Dale Goodson worked as a missionary for a number of years and has worked with AFM as a trainer for a number of years.)

"Cross cultural work doesn't have to be complicated. If you understand how to take the principles of God's Word and build a Christ-centered culture, you've got it." - Dale Goodson

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